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Welcome to XL’oRaToR

In today’s competitive world, interpersonal and Emotional intelligence skills are the most sought after traits that any organization looks for and those are the very skills that are the foundation for any entrepreneur to be successful in his or her venture . These core qualities determine the way to a pathbreaking career. And the best part is, these qualities of – “Expressing an Idea and Persuading People” can be inculcated through a systematic training and methodical coaching.

Creating a Personal brand, Presentation abilities, Emphatic Listening, Leadership mindset are the other vital crafts that each individual must possess and can be mentored for progressing upwards in their corporate ladder or for venturing out on their own. Either your growth or someone investing in your venture – it all starts with people getting convinced with your idea.

We at Xlorator strive to impart the essential Communication and Management Skills in the target participants. We help them develop Leadership potential and guide them to become successful in their chosen path through the tailor-made programs ranging from students till working professionals and entrepreneurs.


Goal Setting

Young people who are just starting out on the grand journey of life are at a particularly opportune time to start building their goal setting skills.

Effective Public Speaking

To start, introduce yourself, the issue and the contents of your speech. This is your chance to set up the context and engage people.

Peak Performance

You want to understand how to “learn how to learn.” Learning how to learn involves acquiring the knowledge and skills to learn effectively in various situations..


Communication Skills

Communication is an important skill for every modern student to master. Advances in digital world, changing career, and greater competition in colleges and workplaces makes improving student communication skills a must.


It’s important for students to experience leadership opportunities during their schooling, to learn the art of building relationships within teams, defining identities and achieving tasks effectively.

Enilt Youth

We provide high-impact Restorative Justice Practices training and tools to teach youth and young adults to take responsibility for their actions and contribute to being a Human.

Trainer Profile

Hi, I’m Phani Vijay

Passion for Public Speaking, Training and Entrepreneurship drove me towards coaching and mentoring people.

Serving as the President of Social Youth Empowerment Organization JCI- Junior Chamber International for the Pune Chapter and as its Vice President for Training Area and as a President of Toastmasters Club, I had the opportunity to hone my skills as Zone level Trainer, coach the members of the chapter in enhancing their Interpersonal and Leadership skills.

Having trained professionals from varied backgrounds on Goal Setting, Effective Communication Skills, Entrepreneurship, Peak Performance, and Personal branding, I realized that people are not utilizing their inherent potential though capable of doing so. I found my true calling in making people realize their True Potential. Since then, I have been conducting sessions that focus on helping people understand their Real Capabilities and How to Make Best Use of it to become successful in their terms.







It was my first session with Trainer Phani Vijay. It was very interactive, which made me learn
many things that nobody teaches us specifically "How to achieve a goal". Until today,
everyone told me to set a goal and to achieve it, but none told me how to achieve it. After
the session, I feel very confident and have a clear picture in mind about the steps to be
taken to set a goal and to achieve it.

Software Professional

I attended a goal-setting session by Phani at JCI. I found him inspired, motivated and
passionate. He loves to share his thoughts very effectively; he gives examples and
stories which make participants engaged. I wish him a Rich and Happy Life.

--Ashish Bhave,
Money and Life Freedom Coach.

It was a perfect training session. All the subject that Trainer Phani Vijay trained was precise
and to the point. I look forward to participating in more training sessions by him.

--Jayesh Suthar,
B. Com final year Student.

The session was very interesting. It kicks started with an innovative approach towards
networking and befriending a total stranger. Then with Goal setting and the methods to
achieve them. These methods were unique & were explained in simple terms with examples
and in a highly effective way.

--Mukul Anil Sharma,
Proprietor (AAM Hospitality & Events)

Phani Vijay is a highly talented and multi-faceted personality. He has a true passion for
oratory and training/coaching for personality development. He is highly committed to
making a difference in the lives of others and is always the first to help out young minds
seeking personal improvement.

--Mohan Be Sathe
Zone XI, Past Zone President

I have attended 2-3 sessions where Phani was the trainer and my experience has been beautiful throughout all the sessions. He has this quality to keep you engrossed and involved in the sessions by awarding with chocolates or small wins such that no one ever gets bored no matter how long the session lasts! Besides being a good trainer he is also an amazing listener which I think is an important quality that a trainer must possess. He will listen to all your thoughts and your opinions are welcomed always some of these qualities make Phani a very nice and efficient trainer. I wish him all the luck for his future endeavors.

--Rutuja Pandhare student

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