How Deadlines propel us to Achieve Goals

We see many people around you. Some are very passionate about their work and there are some who learn the tricks of the trade and rise in the corporate ladder. Most of the Vice Presidents, Directors and CXO’s whom we see fall into that category. There are others whom we see lose their interest in the Job and continuing just for the sake of their family.  There are others who are passionate about things other than work like Public Speaking, reading books, blogging, writing, etc. Everyone wants to work hard but have difficulty in deciding where to put our efforts. And believe me, this is a common phenomenon as one traverses through their careers. And most of the people when they get married, have kids and once they get an experience of 10 years, they are not willing to take risks and get into a self-contented mode.

Only a few will make progress further and do something substantial in line with their passions. Why does that happen?

Because, we are often confused. Confused whether or not to go for something we are passionate about. Many of us over-think, over-analyze and end up doing nothing.  Adding to that, our train of thoughts is constantly interrupted by WhatsApp messages, facebook notifications in addition to our eagerness to check the statuses, Instagram pics and the clutter it causes makes us procrastinate our thought process. When we have to decide on something, we need to seriously think about it, make a plan and execute it. But where is that peaceful golden time for us to even think about it or plan for it when our production time is being consumed by not so important things?

What keeps us working- I thought it was motivation. But there is something more important than that based on my experience and other Goal achievers and Goal Quitters, whom I have interviewed. It’s the most powerful thing that drives us to our Goals if we are committed. That is “Deadline”. A deadline where we have to face death like the situation will force us to do anything.

Here is how I created Goals around Deadlines which worked in my favor.

Create a situation that forces you to work towards the Goal:

  • Once you decide on your Goal, create a situation around it were in – if you are not going to do it, there should be a catastrophe, there will be a Tsunami in your life which you can’t face. The fear of that will drive you to do that at any cost. Not your motivation.
  • Motivation without a deadline takes its own sweet time. We are humans and our performance, mood, the capability will not remain constant. They vary depending on various parameters. Even things like – someone driving in the wrong direction and blaming you will make you nuts and puts off your cheerful morning mood. But, when there is a deadline to do something all these trivial things make way for the bigger things that you are going to do. The point that I am trying to make here is “ if you are able to turn your motivation into an obligation to do something” that’s when you will be amazed by results that you achieve.

The secret of Being Specific:

  • You need to have some other specific goal. the more specific you are in terms of setting the goal, the more clarity you will get to action the items that lead to achieving your Goal.

Making progress spreads positivity in other areas as well:

  • Having a personal goal you are passionate about apart from the job that you do will make your day a satisfactory one. That contentment you feel that you are doing something about your growth will spread to other things that you do, the regular job that you do, the love you share with others. That contentment gives a positive vibe to your personality.
  • Either you should be very passionate about your regular job to get that positive vibe or do something that will help you reach a specific goal that you had set. Only then you feel that you feel lively.

Small Actionable Steps for consistent progress:

  • I will share one of my experiences. I wanted to organize a Public speaking contest for School going children. The day I got the idea, I wrote this along with the actions that I need to take to organized that event and attached a deadline to each step. It made my life simple. I just followed the steps, one by one. Accordingly, invitations were sent to 25 schools, the venue booked, posters made, guests, judges were invited. There is no way that I can back out of it as if the deadline is crossed, schools will be closed for Christmas and they will get busy with exams later. So, each step and deadline was written keeping the situation in mind. With the help of likeminded people and friends, the event was organized in a grand way receiving huge appreciation from students, parents, and teachers as well.

That’s the power of Deadline having concrete actionable steps towards achieving a Goal