How to Master Speaking Spontaneously in Public

Speakers fumble sometimes when delivering a speech on the stage even if they are prepared, even if they were given the topic a week ago or even if they have practiced multiple times. What happens, if you were asked to speak within a short notice where you don’t have time to gather your thoughts even for half a minute. How would you perform if you were supposed to deliver the moment when the topic is given to you. How to crack an impromptu speech.

Here are some of the ways I device based on my umpteen experiences as a speaker. Keeping these points in mind and having an arsenal of the below techniques makes you a master in attempting impromptu speeches.

The first thought

Generally, people struggle with the start because they want to choose the best that comes to their mind. However, in doing so, as time passes, they are pressurized to pick something and start. Because of the stress faced at the beginning itself, the natural flow of the speaker takes a blow.

Hence, one way to deal with it is – just pick the one idea that comes first in the mind. If there is one more, we can choose the better one among them. We need not excavate our memory lane and try extracting the best story causing paucity of time and raising our blood pressure.

A moral story /real-life story for every theme

In general, the table topics given in contests revolve around hard work, perseverance, success, positive attitude, luck, honesty, service to humanity, etc.

Hence, it’s a good idea to collect fables, real-life stories based on the theme and face the audience with all the arms in your kitty. The more unique and unheard the stories are, the more interest it generates among the audience.

Power of Quotes

When a story is backed up by a Quote or your own impactful sentence, it acts as a masterstroke to what you say. It becomes the very foundation for your storyline. Reiterating the same at the end will add to the charm of your storytelling.

Hence, collect and practice certain unique and inquisitive quotes related to the common themes mentioned above ( hard work, perseverance, success…etc).

Sure shot Trick

Nothing beats humor in a table topic speech. In the given two minutes of time, if you are able to make the audience laugh, chances multiply for your selection. There are innumerable funny quotes and sayings on any theme. Practice them so that they are on your fingertips to help you in the unexpected times.

The PREP way

The safe way to attempt an impromptu speech is Point-Reason-Example- Point

  • Reiterate the POINT ( the given topic) so that you digest what topic you have been given and you safely spent 2-3 seconds on it while thinking about it in the back of your mind.
  • Provide a REASON why you think that Point is correct ( or incorrect) according to you.
  • Give an EXAMPLE of why you think so and finally.
  • Re-iterate the POINT.

This is the safest way to respond to a speech where the topic is given just before coming on to the stage or directly given on the stage expecting you to deliver right away. If you are able to include some powerful sentences with impactful body language in accordance with the topic, that definitely gives an edge over others.