Opportunity Knocks More than Once! Just Stay Focused on Your Goal

My mom used to tell me a story when I was a kid.

Story of Three Fish:

There were three fish in a pond. The foresighted fish, the smart fish, and the lazy fish. The lazy fish is so lazy that even if it is given an award for laziness, it would ask some other fish to pick it up. When the water in the pond started drying up, the foresighted fish swam a long way into a big river, as it knows fishermen will come soon. A few days later, the smart fish & lazy fish were caught by the fishermen. However,  smart fish, because it is smart enough to survive any situation by taking timely action, acted like a dead one and since dead fish is of no commercial value, fishermen threw it back into the water.  Smart fish survived and the Lazy fish was left to its fate. Contest chair and my dear friends, I have a similar story in my life.

Real Story of Three Friends

There were three friends having a similar mindset like that of the three fish. A foresighted friend, a smart friend and the lazy one. You can guess who it is. It’s me during +1&+2, my foresighted friend targeted BITS Pilani for Engineering and got selected. My smart friend and I were caught in a crisis situation as we didn’t get decent ranks in Engineering entrance. However, my smart friend just like smart fish took a timely action by enrolling himself for a separate entrance test in PSG college of Technology, Coimbatore on the last day of enrollment. That’s among the Top 15 Engineering colleges in India. He got admission there. I, just like the lazy fish, was left wondering what to do. It’s an awkward moment to be left behind while your buddies are moving ahead. I didn’t want to get into a B grade college and that too with a Payment seat. I waited for an entire year to give my engineering entrance again. This time I got admission to a decent college, not a reputed on though but with a free seat. I missed the opportunity of joining a reputed college for the second time in a row.  I waited for one more chance to pursue my Goal.

Having studied in reputed colleges, both my friends got placed in top companies. One year later, I got placed in a lesser-known IT company in Hyderabad. The thought of not having studied in a reputed college used to haunt me. I evaluated going for Civil service exams and even paid some fee for an IAS coaching center. However, with my night shift job, attending classes during the day became a nightmare. I shifted my focus to the MBA. After 3 yrs, I got myself selected in cognizant and shifted to Pune since Pune is known for MBA coaching. And on the first day of landing in Pune, I visited all the CAT coaching institutes in FC road and finalized Career launcher to attend night classes from 9-11 after my working hours. When I was working in Hinjewadi, I used to watch the Symbiosis campus that is just beside the Cognizant building and I was determined to get admission to a college of that range. I burnt the midnight oil during my preparation. In the Symbiosis written test, I got the second-highest score in the institute that I applied for and I gave my best shot at GD & PI. The day I saw my name in the final admission list of Symbiosis Center for Information Technology, I felt gratified. All the while, I stay focused on the Goal that I missed earlier to get admission into a reputed institute. I resigned Cognizant and joined my full-time MBA. This time I really enjoyed the subjects and I  even got an internship opportunity at Intel corporation, Banglore.

From this experience, I learned the lesson of my life.

An opportunity not only knocks more than once but also dances with those who are ready on the dance floor.

My dear friends, because of your family responsibilities, I understand that you have to make some trade-offs like sacrificing some of your inspiring opportunities for an onsite assignment or for a better pay package. These trade-offs take away the little time you wanted to spend on improving your skills. They take away from you the golden opportunity to follow your passion. I also understand that these trade-offs are justifiable for a better lifestyle. But when these tradeoffs start killing your inherent skills and you are just watching it as a mute spectator without creating an opportunity to make use of those skills inside you, then that is not justified.

The notion of having a better lifestyle has no limit. You have to decide to what point you keep running after a better lifestyle and luxuries silencing and suppressing the shouts of your inner skills deep inside from your heart.

When my friends say – “I am too lazy to find time for my passions “, I disagree with them. People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals, i.e. the goals that do not inspire them.

If we work towards an inspiring opportunity, we are at our best and we are the happiest. It makes everything else in our life so wonderful and so worthwhile.

Opportunities are like buses. There is always a second bus if you miss the first one. I missed my opportunity of studying in reputed college twice, so I ran after that opportunity as best as I can, caught it and forced it to knock my door for the third time.

After listening to my story, my dear friends, if you still think opportunity doesn’t knock more than once, build a door, i.e., create that opportunity and you can make that opportunity knock every time you wish.