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To be the leading platform for young people to master their interpersonal skills


To help passionate individuals realize their real potential by Training them in the right way

The platform XL’orator – which means Excellent Orator, is the brainchild of Phani Vijay Pamarthi, who has been a Zone Trainer himself from JCI (Junior Chamber International). Hailing from the family of Teachers and Trainers, Phan Vijay is always passionate about making a mark for himself as a Leading Trainer in the country. While working on his digital advertising venture along with his two friends, he found how critical the Persuading and Communication skills are important to get business from the clients. By that time, he established himself as a motivational speaker in the schools of Pune by delivering Goal Setting and Career Guidance sessions to the students. As he started imparting sessions to the graduate ad post graduating students, he found that people are not getting placed due to the lack of key skills and those who got the job with their technical expertise are not able to progress much, again due to the lack of vital interpersonal skills. He then focused his sessions on Group discussion and Personal interview skills to the students along with Effective communication skills. The modules delivered in various institutions including Symbiosis, DIMR, JSPM have been highly appreciated by the students and the faculty as they saw tangible improvement in the confidence levels of the participants and the placements in the respective institutes saw a significant rise in comparison to previous years.

During the same time interval, he was invited by a few corporates to organize new employee inductions and also to help the existing employees improve their productivity. With that challenge in place, Phanivijay has developed unique models to improve the performance of each team member. His training sessions have fun-filled activities along with great learning. These sessions helped to promote team spirit among the members. He is now a visiting faculty at Symbiosis during the new students’ foundation programs to guide them on how to get the best out of their two year MBA program.

Phanivijay was also the President of the JCI chapter in Pune, called JCI Poona. JCI – Junior Chamber International is a worldwide organization working for the Interpersonal growth of young people. He conducted various Training sessions and workshops for the members of JCI Poona and also organized events like JCI Talks where he invited Entrepreneurs and Industry stalwarts to share their words of wisdom to the aspiring people of Pune. He is also the founding member of a corporate Toastmasters club. Toastmasters International was another worldwide community that strives for the improvement of public speaking skills. He was an active member of BNI – Business Network International during his stint as an entrepreneur in the Digital Advertising field. Apart from that, he was an outstanding participant in various flagship programs of JCI including Chairmanship and Parliamentary Procedures, Speech Craft and Train the Trainer Workshop.

In 2016, he conducted a Public Speaking contest through the XL’oRaTor platform for the students of Pune which saw participation from more than 25 schools and was highly appreciated by the Parents and Teachers as it provided an opportunity for the students to hone their Public Speaking Skills.

As an Associate Vice President at a Leading Investment Bank in Pune, he has lead teams present in different geographical locations to deliver complex projects. His focus now is to help corporate employees, students and individuals to excel in Setting Goals and guiding them to achieve it, helping them achieve Peak Performance in their field of work or study and mentor them to Develop Leadership Potential

Phanivijay is ready to launch his new Android app called “Reading Ritual” to cultivate the habit of reading among people with interesting articles posted daily along with enhancing the vocabulary of the reader through Word of the day, its synonyms and it’s the right usage.

With more than 13 years of experience in the corporate world and interacting with some students, working professionals and entrepreneurs, he comprehends the issues faced by them and customizes the training to suit the target audience’s needs with a definitive purpose of imparting the required skills. He loves to mentor people and provide guidance to reach their personal and professional goals.