Today, it’s a well-known fact that a persons’ caliber is measured based on his convincing power and communication skills than any other skills he possesses. Hence, it is the need of the hour not just to survive but prosper in this competitive world with the help of Effective communication Skills and Assertiveness.

This workshop exactly provides the same for the participants. It will help them to face the stage without fear and reduce communication anxiety whether they are speaking in public or to a group, help them finetune their body language, voice modulation, and all other aspects that make their speech impactful.

It was my first session with Trainer Phani Vijay. It was very interactive, which made me learn
many things that nobody teaches us specifically "How to achieve a goal". Until today,
everyone told me to set a goal and to achieve it, but none told me how to achieve it. After
the session, I feel very confident and have a clear picture in mind about the steps to be
taken to set a goal and to achieve it.

Software Professional

I attended a goal-setting session by Phani at JCI. I found him inspired, motivated and
passionate. He loves to share his thoughts very effectively; he gives examples and
stories which make participants engaged. I wish him a Rich and Happy Life.

--Ashish Bhave,
Money and Life Freedom Coach.

It was a perfect training session. All the subject that Trainer Phani Vijay trained was precise
and to the point. I look forward to participating in more training sessions by him.

--Jayesh Suthar,
B. Com final year Student.

The session was very interesting. It kicks started with an innovative approach towards
networking and befriending a total stranger. Then with Goal setting and the methods to
achieve them. These methods were unique & were explained in simple terms with examples
and in a highly effective way.

--Mukul Anil Sharma,
Proprietor (AAM Hospitality & Events)

Phani Vijay is a highly talented and multi-faceted personality. He has a true passion for
oratory and training/coaching for personality development. He is highly committed to
making a difference in the lives of others and is always the first to help out young minds
seeking personal improvement.

--Mohan Be Sathe
Zone XI, Past Zone President

I have attended 2-3 sessions where Phani was the trainer and my experience has been beautiful throughout all the sessions. He has this quality to keep you engrossed and involved in the sessions by awarding with chocolates or small wins such that no one ever gets bored no matter how long the session lasts! Besides being a good trainer he is also an amazing listener which I think is an important quality that a trainer must possess. He will listen to all your thoughts and your opinions are welcomed always some of these qualities make Phani a very nice and efficient trainer. I wish him all the luck for his future endeavors.

--Rutuja Pandhare student

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